location; my stiff office chair
listening to; an incredibly talented Greg Laswell.
avoiding; sleep.. (which consequently will bring tomorrow, faster.

I am about to embark on another seemingly sleepless night, at least for the next couple hours. Which is usually when I feel like venting about something to someone. Everyone I've called is asleep, or watching a movie. So the world wide web is my friend tonight. Last couple weeks have been.. tough. I have a fantastic life, and a horrible outlook on life, a contradiction that I need to work on. But we all have our weaknesses, right?

I am past ready for warm weather to be here. I just want to be able to simply BE OUTSIDE again, without shivering uncontrollably. Sitting on the cool grass at night, looking at the stars... with short sleeves. Winter is overly depressing I've decided.. though, I've conjured up an explanation for the timing of Christmas. For all us winter haters... there would be nothing to get us through the miserable frigid months if there was no Christmas, seriously, there would be absolutely nothing to look forward to for months if there was no Christmas spirit. But now that that is over... we're all back to our depressed states again.

I figured out what else is making my life sub par.. lack of great concerts. I was listening to Death Cab earlier today, I went to their outdoor concert couple years back, something I am longing to re-live. It was awesome, there is something about the rush of a concert, that makes life, completely worth living. There aren't many other things that give you that sort of an adrenaline rush, especially when its an overly talented band or artist performing. I try, and have succeed, to be front row, mosh pit, for a large quantity of concerts. When the music is literally pumping through your body... that is when I truly feel at home. Yes, against my fathers wishes, my already horrid hearing is deteriorating at a much faster pace, due to the distance between me and the speakers, but.. I'm happy. Anyways, back to Death Cab. So I'm in a sea of sweat and singing along, thousands of people around me. I cant control where I go, or who I'm shoved into, but I feel absolutely content... I had a near death experience, was almost trampled... but some guy dived down and saved me. I need that again. I haven't been to a great performance in MONTHS. I feel that is a culprit behind my attitude on life, so I am looking to change that as soon as possible.. I just cant stress enough the thrill I get from attending a good show, it is worth the disgusting sweaty feeling, dry scratchy throat and throbbing headache. I wouldn't trade those experiences for the world, they make me unbelievably happy.

There is something to be said for artists that sound better on stage than they do recorded. I remember when I was younger, elementary days, seeing Brittany Spears on the Today Show's summer concert series... she sounded absolutely horrid. I made a promise to myself that I would not favor any artist, that did not have true live talent. So now, I find all my favorite performers while attending concerts... I love opening bands, being introduced to someone new.. especially if they are cool enough to tour with the person I am paying to see, but they all sound SO good.. if they can impress me live, they will make it on to my favorites playlist. I realize that I'm rambling here, but its past one a.m. and I honestly have nothing better to do. I've been forced to listen to the radio lately, cuz of car troubles. Can I just say I LOATHE the radio? Its full of over played pop songs (granted, they are fun to rock out to with friends) but nearly 80 percent of them are completely untalented artists that don't even write their own lyrics. Ahg, I just need a show... someone awesome needs to come in town to lift my spirits. I think its time for a road trip.

Nick gets home in 10 days. I cannot wait to see what artists he'll introduce me to, and new talent that we'll discover together. I need a concert buddy, and I'm looking forward to him being available. I'm done rambling... I'm gonna go track down a show to attend this month. Thank you for reading, and come again.

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taylor morgan said...

1) you could have called me! i didnt get your facebookness till this morning. sorry friend i'll call you after church?

2) i want to be included in your concert buddyness!