location; deep beneath my red feather comforter - bedroom.
listening to; many songs on "ing & friends(:" playlist.
avoiding; sleep.

If you know me at all, you know that I am entirely and truly an
Ingrid Michaelson super fan. I do whatever it takes to see her live, get those impossible to find songs, and know exactly what is going on in the musical life of Ingrid. However, not only do I find myself fascinated by her shear talent, she has incredibly talented melodic friends! Who would have thought!? She is engaged (dont tell) to the ever so amazing Greg Laswell, and associates with nothing but fantastic music bringing personnel. I recently made myself a playlist on my, life providing, iPod... I rightfully named it "ing & friends(:" complete with backwards smiley face. Needless to say, it is a playlist full of some of what I feel are the most musically talented people in the land of the free. AND I can say this... because I have seen, with the exception of two, live, in concert, bringing absolute JOY to my soul. Including, Ingrid Michaelson, Greg Laswell, Joshua Radin, Sara Bareilles, Meiko (she toured with Sara and Meiko on the Hotel Cafe Tour), Matthew Perryman Jones, Ian Axel, Allie Moss, and Bess Rogers. So here I am, sitting in bed, about week two of non stop listening to my new favorite playlist ever created. And now, I will share with you a couple songs you can look up on YouTube, iTunes, MySpace.. whatever destination of the world-wide-web your fingers take you. I strongly reccomend if you havent heard them already, to check em out, see what their brilliance can do for YOU.

First offf, Taylor M. Goff can attest to this one, I fell in love with this music video/song as soon as I.M. herself suggested (via twitter) I look it up on YouTube. The name of the song "This is the New Year" - Ian Axel, a man with a fantastic voice, and a real knack for heartfelt lyrics. The video not only features a couple of Ing's band members, it is a low-budget video, that could not have been done better. Listen to the lyrics, fall in love with the song. The end.

Let us now journey to the land of Greg Laswell, featured along with the rest of these artists many times on hit shows such as Grey's Anatomy, a personal favorite of mine. This guy is truly awesome. I've had the privilege of seeing him live a couple times, his very chill, down to earth personality brings a fun loving environment on and off the stage. The song I chose for him... "Off I Go" - Greg Laswell a somewhat new single that he wrote for the season 5 finale of Grey's. Check out this song... if you like it, definitely consider his album, "Three Flights From Alto Nido" my personal favorite songs include "That It Moves" & "How The Day Sounds".

You know he is gonna be good if he is opening for Ingrid Michaelson. I first discovered Matthew Perryman Jones back in Bosie Idaho, previous to Ing coming onstage. I immediately knew he was gonna be a keeper, he has a great voice, even live, something that the many voices we hear on the radio, daily, just cannot claim. "Save You" - Matthew Perryman Jones, is the song I cant help but play over and over. I heard him perform it live with Allie Moss, a support vocalist of Ingrid's, and did they perform it beautifully.

This guy puts on a good show. Joshua Radin recently made it on to the radio, and onto iTunes top songs list, with his fun, upbeat, song, "I'd Rather Be with You". This song as always been a favorite of mine, however, the one that I have chosen as a favorite in this playlist would have to be "Brand New Day" - Joshua Radin, the melody from the song was recently featured on a GE commercial, but they regretfully left out his amazing voice and lyrics. This songs brings me back to summer time, shiny red bicycles, fresh cut grass, and orange flavor popsicles.

There are a couple other friends of ing I'd like to feature... however, I'm down to 14 percent battery life on the laptop... and we're getting close to 1 a.m. with the thoughts of school in the morning, filling the air. If you like what you've heard so far, look up Allie Moss & Bess Rogers, Ing's besties, and support vocalists. However, we've skipped down to 12 percent, so I will finish on none other than Ingrid Michaelson herself. It is near impossible for me to choose a favorite song of Ingrid's... So I'm gonna stick with two that I've never ever skipped on shuffle. First, a song that she told me herself that she never performs live...
"Little Romance" - Ingrid Michaelson
, recorded for the Sex In the City Movie soundtrack, you cant buy it individually.... but look it up on YouTube. It is glorious. It will be the theme song for my wedding. A song full of cute lyrics, simple piano and overall the simplicity of featuring the amazing voice of Ingrid. Last but definitely not least
"Sort Of" - Ingrid Michaelson. A song from her most recent album "Everybody". I'm confident every teenage girl (and older) can relate to these lyrics. About falling in love with someone who you know you just can't have. You may feel like you live to see their face, but its the same face that is breaking your heart daily. A little deep I know, but its a song I LOVE & ADORE. So check it out.


taylor morgan said...

I AM FEATURED!!! & I love this and poss going to get some of these songs??? a;ld;aksjdlk;jasdklj LOVE

Deb said...

nicely done. do you ever sleep ?! bobalin