film // Paris 2013.

There is an undeniable feeling of beauty and magic when walking the streets of Paris. These photographs are an attempt to capture scenes of the city that emulate the feeling captured in the work of both Eugéne Atget and Henri Cartier-Bresson. The images speak to the timelessness of Paris, full of history and character.

Photographed Summer 2013 // Fine art show at Utah Valley University January 2015
Black and white film series I did for a fine art class when I was on a study abroad in Paris, France.


Now that I have a man.

For my personal documentation, a follow-up post to the 2012 gem found here

For the entirety of my young adult life, I've collected ties. Anywhere I traveled, I always tried to bring a tie home with me. For example, that fantastic blue knit tie? I got that at a tiny secondhand shop in Paris for €4. A few were bought here at home, like the vintage Oscar De La Renta and that perfect Don Draper-esque grey one.. Anyway, I established quite the collection, and I put them in a box. I told my friends that when some guy gave me a ring, I'd give him the box. Some people said "but what if that guy doesn't even like ties?" to which I'd respond "do you honestly think I'd marry a guy that wasn't as crazy about men's fashion as I am? If he doesn't like the ties, he's not the guy." On our wedding day I surprised Jake, and gifted him my collection. Today I am feeling extra grateful to be married to my Mr. Starley... Cuz oh man was he ecstatic about those ties.


Thailand // Video.

A documentation of our belated honeymoon to Thailand in October 2014.

Starleys take Thailand
from Chelsie Clarke Starley on Vimeo.


Wedding Day // Video.

Jacob + Chelsie
from Jenner Brown on Vimeo.

Video by my friend Jenner Brown of Lumineux Films. That guy's a saint in my book, created exactly what I wanted, and more. I wanted a documentary wedding video, I wanted someone who would act as a fly on the wall. I wanted little to no "instruction", I wanted him to document our perfect day, and oh man, he did just that. Thank you Jenner, thank you. 


Wedding Day Part II // Celebration.

Special thanks & credits to:

Judy Burnham, the wedding planner who made it all happen! Executed that vision even better than imagined.
(And my incredible family, kick-butt bridesmaids & friends for making it physically possible.)

My good friend, the talented Justin Hackworth for photographs.
The extremely generous Lexi Bills for pre-celebration detail photographs.
The beautiful Kali Chris for hair & makeup.
The wonderful Erin Nielson for each perfectly placed flower.

Utah Celebrations Catering & their staff for standing in the rain serving the most delicious meal!
Annie Larrabee over at @annie_bee_cakery for creating a wedding cake worthy of royalty.

Dress is vintage through Sadie Rose Designer Gowns.
And bride's shoes made by Icarus Maeser.